In partnership with Beth Ammi Christian Fellowship, our Sponsorship Program is designed primarily to support the children of women in rural villages who have been sexually assaulted and left pregnant with no means to support their children, resulting in them being forced into prostitution to feed their family.

Through this program, these vulnerable children receive basic needs.  Additionally, the program offers emotional and spiritual support through prayer and the message of the Gospel to both the children and their mothers, helping them heal from the trauma of sexual assault and prostitution.  By sponsoring a child through this program, you will have the opportunity to provide vital support to a vulnerable child and their mother, offering the help they need to break free from the cycle of exploitation, and leading them to a life of hope, healing and restoration.

For just over $1 a day, you can provide these women the help they need to leave prostitution and begin a new life of freedom and ultimately a life of self-sufficiency.  The Gospel message provides the foundation these women need to heal more quickly and give them a renewed sense of stability and purpose for the future.


For $40 per Month



  • Education
  • School supplies
  • Clothes, shoes and school uniform
  • Health care
  • Hygiene supplies and haircuts
  • Hot meals
  • Food
  • Enrollment in tutoring/ mentoring program
  • Bible study lessons



  • Sponsorship package with child's picture and background information
  • Periodic letters from child including pictures and updates
  • Ability to correspond with child
  • Opportunity to give Christmas gifts